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Clayhead Trail & The Maze

If you’re looking for natural peace and quiet, this 190-acre parcel on the northeast part of the island contains some of the island’s most spectacular scenery.

To reach the trail, look for a post marker on the right side of Corn Neck Road, about 3 miles from town and across from a big yellow farm house. Turn right down the dirt road and go straight for one-third of a mile until you reach a parking area. If you travel by bike, leave it at the rack at the trailhead and head in on foot. About 1/3 mile down the trail, you’ll come to an intersection. Go right and you’ll get to a beautiful sandy beach that’s off the beaten path enough to be almost deserted. Turn left and you’ll walk along picturesque bluffs and take in gorgeous vistas all around. At the top of the trail is what locals call “the maze”, a series of interconnected, unmarked paths where you can wander to your heart’s content. During the fall, the maze is said to be one of the best spots in North America to catch a view of migratory songbirds. The Clayhead Trail is just one of several Nature Conservancy properties on Block Island – for more on all of them, visit

January 1, 2024 - January 1, 2025
Maze and Clayhead Preserve
Clayhead Trail
Block Island, RI 02807