Formed by glaciers nearly 10,000 years ago, Block Island features a diverse array of habitats.

Maritime shrubland, beaches and open morainal grasslands support more than 40 state and federal rare or endangered species, including the globally endangered American burying beetle.

Birds stop here while migrating in the spring and fall along the Atlantic Flyway. In addition to the plants and animals, the human community is dedicated to conserving open space to preserve their natural and cultural heritage.

Popular Areas of Interest:

  • Clay Head Preserve
  • Fresh Swamp Preserve
  • Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve
  • Nathan Mott Park & Turnip Farm
  • Rodman's Hollow

The Block Island Nature Conservancy can be reached at (401) 466-2129 or visit

Block Island Conservancy can be reached at (401) 466-3111 or visit


Thousands of years ago, a glacier left rolling hills and ponds behind, forming what…

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