Want to have some local clams for dinner?  Go dig your own!  Just be sure to follow the rules and regulations below.

  • The Town of New Shoreham is authorized to regulate the taking of shellfish and other fish in the Great Salt Pond.
  • No one may take shellfish from Great Salt Pond without first obtaining a license.  To obtain a license you must appear in person at the Harbormaster's office, with a photo ID.
  • You must have your license on you while shellfishing.
  • You may not store or hang shellfish in any container anywhere in the pond.
  • You may not dig in or take shellfish from any of the closed areas.
  • Digging in barrier grass is prohibited.
  • You may only dig between sunrise and sunset.
  • Using SCUBA equipment or breathing apparatus to take shellfish is prohibited.
  • Shellfish must me measured before being places in a basket/bag/container.
  • Harbor's Department employees patrol the grounds daily and will enforce all regulations.

To find out what areas of the pond are open to shellfishing, and hours for obtaining a license, contact the Harbor's Department at 401-466-3204