Where To Stay

Known for its hospitality and old town charm, Block Island maintains a variety of establishments to suit anyone's needs. Whether vacationing with the family or on a romantic weekend getaway, Block Island offers a great selection of comfortable places to call home while you're staying on the island. 

To find a specific accommodation please choose from the options below.

It is always best to call an Accommodation directly, or use the direct website, for the most up-to-date availability on Block Island.  Many Hotels, Inns and B&B's do not use 3rd party booking sites like Expedia or Hotels.com, and those that do, do not release the full inventory.  So if you are looking on-line and it looks like "everything" is booked....it probably isn't!!

Confused about the address?  Block Island does not have street numbers!!  We pick up our mail from a PO Box at the Town Post Office.  All houses are marked by a "Fire Number".  In case of emergency the fire/police dispatch can find any house on the Island with that Fire Number.

On Block Island you won't find chain resorts where nobody knows your name but you will find cozy accommodations with amazing views run by operators who care about you and making your stay a perfect one.

Places to Stay