When it comes to exploring the stunning sights of Block Island, there's no better way to do it than hopping on a bike and pedaling your way to adventure. Picture yourself cruising along scenic roads, feeling the warm island breeze on your face as you feast your eyes on the breathtaking landscapes and historical landmarks around you. It's pure Block Island bliss by bike! 

If you're up for a more curated route, try our Block Island Self-Guided Bike Tour which is a 7.5 mile loop that includes nine stops along major sites at the southern end of the island and an option to explore the north end, which adds 8.5 miles taking you out to the iconic North Lighthouse.

Bike rentals are available all over the island for a reasonable price. Rental companies can be found here.
And, don’t forget to follow the rules of the road by biking to the right to allow walkers to the left and biker riders over 16 must wear a helmet.

Things to Do