History & Houses Bucket List Adventure

History Buff? Love architecture? Then you are about to step into a living history book on Block Island. Learn fascinating stories of historic attractions and explore charming houses that whisper tales of the past. Discover the hidden gems that stand tall amidst the picturesque landscape, and let the largest collection of Victorian-era hotels (on the Eastern Seaboard) transport you to a different time.


Peruse historic photographs and artifacts at Block Island Historical Society.

View the “Plymouth Rock of Block Island” at Settler’s Rock at The North Light.

Learn the fascinating history of the move of the Southeast Light.

Take a walk in the natural and historical landmark Rodman’s Hollow.

See where the historic Mohegan-Niantic battle took place at the Mohegan Bluffs.

Walk through some of the most notable examples of Victorian architecture such as the Spring House Hotel and the Hotel Manisses.

Take a stroll through Old Harbor until you meet the fascinating Rebecca Statue.

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