Beaches & Parks Map

This map shows you the access points of Block Island's beautiful beaches as well as 5 of our most popular 'parks'. For specific directions on accessing these locations as well as more information on each, please click on the corresponding listing below.

Beachesbi beaches and parks

1. Cow Cove/north Light Area
Best Coastal Views and sports the historic North Light. No swimming here, dangerous rip current.
2. Mansion Beach
One of the island’s grandest beaches.
3. Scotch Beach
Best Beach for Young Adults.
4. Fred Benson Town Beach
Beach has restrooms, showers, food, rental items and is staffed with lifeguards in the summer months.
5. Baby Beach
Best Beach for Children.
6. Surf Beach
Best place to snorkel.
7. Ballard’s Beach
Tiki bar and food service and staffed with lifeguards in the summer months.
8. Mohegan Bluffs
One of the most dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean.
9. Vaill Beach
Home to one of Block Island’s more intriguing landmarks, Painted Rock. Rough surf, swimmers exercise caution.
10. Black Rock
Best surfing spot.
11. Dinghy Beach
Also known as Mosquito Beach, it offers majestic views of Great Salt Pond and easy access to Scotch Beach.
12. Andy’s Way
Island’s premiere clamming spot and best place to take a stroll.
13. West Beach
Best Beach for sea glass hunting.
14. Charlestown Beach
Popular fishing beach with long jetty at the end and amazing sunset views with boats coming into New Harbor.
15. Grace’s, Dorry’s and Conneymus Coves
Perfect for hiking and sunsets.


Hodge Property
Great spot for migratory songbirds.
Clayhead/trail Maze
Beautiful, secluded spot to take in the peace and quiet of nature.
Rodman’s Hollow
Great place for hiking, panoramic ocean views and hunting for glass floats.
Southeast Light
One of the most striking vistas you’ll see on the island is the view from the top of the lighthouse.
Ball O’Brien Park
Children’s playground, skateboard park, tennis and basketball courts, picnic pavilion, restrooms.