Photo: Ross Draper

Fall on the Island is considered by many to be Block Island’s best season.  It’s a time when everyone, locals and guests to our paradise alike, can walk along the island’s beautiful beaches without quite so many people. It's a time to look forward to the seasonal festivities. You can find the farmers' markets and the artisan’s markets, fall décor in the island’s boutique shops, a pumpkin coffee or cocktail on the area’s restaurant menus, and much more.

Block Island in the Fall is one of Rhode Island's best-kept secrets. The water is still warm enough to swim, the businesses are open, the accommodations are at off-season rates and availability, the congestion in town is less and the sunsets are spectacular.

Block Island is the real-life New England island retreat authors love to write about. Complete with rolling hills, stone walls, tales of buried pirate treasure and vacation spots known for Kennedy sightings, Block Island is a vacation destination of choice.

At only 7 miles long and 3 miles wide, Block Island can be explored by foot, bicycle, moped, or taxi. There is magic in the exploration of the Island; finding a secret spot, a quiet bench, a secluded cove, the perfect sunset spot.....

A treasure to be seen for those willing to put in the effort is the Mohegan Bluffs. Let us talk you into trekking down the 142 steps to the rocky and secluded beach below. The 150-foot bluffs are a sight to be seen from the beach level below, never mind the view from the top.

There are plenty of Fall adventures to be had on the Island if you are so inclined. Kayak tours, Paddleboarding, marine life touch tanks at BIMI, fishing from shore or from a boat charter. You can also take a walk on the many trails the island has to offer, keeping your eyes peeled for a glass float. Maybe rent a bike and ride along the coast. All you really need is a sweatshirt and a camera to capture a good time.

Once you’ve explored the island’s natural majesties there are many wonderful and unique stores and restaurants that stay open through the fall. You'll leave wanting to come back for more, and we will be here!

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