Happy February!

In all reality, cue the summertime sadness. While it has been a very warm winter, it's still very easy to get lost in the the thought of summer. The Block Island daydream. What's better than a misty morning walk through Rodman's Hollow, a breezy summer beach day at Scotch, or savoring every second of the burning sunset at Dories Cove? The only thing better than those things, is when you find an orb while doing so (if you know, you know). The excitement for summer is slowly approaching; to comfort the winter blues, take a look at some incredible images from this past year!

Middle Pond, Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve. Photo by Ross Draper @biearthworks via Instagram.
Mohegan Bluffs. Photo by @dres_c via Instagram.
Blues on the Beach. Photo by @lazyfishshop via Instagram.
Rosa Rugosa, the island rose. Photo by @cosmicrockcreative via Instagram.
Sachem Pond, North Lighthouse. Photo by Ross Draper @biearthworks via Instagram.

While it's easy to feel like winter is dragging, looking at these photographs is a pleasant reminder that summer is right around the corner. Having something to look forward to is important, and what better than a trip to Block Island this summer?

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