Yes. It’s true that this Summer is a bit different than previous years but it doesn’t mean you need to stay home, on the couch. Get to Block Island and enjoy all that nature has provided us. The Island offers many activities that can be enjoyed in its wide open spaces.

Let’s take fishing for example. Many anglers associate fishing with “freedom.” Spending a day at sea casting for the next big catch helps you forget about what needs to be done and helps you remember why you vacation. Sharing a fishing experience with family and friends will also help strengthen relationships. Make those memories! Go fishing. Better yet, go fishing on Block Island!

If you’re looking for a bit more adventure on the water, try kayaking or paddle boarding. These are great ways to enjoy the blue space. One of the best ways to experience Block Island is to paddle along its shore and in the protected ponds. When you are that close to the water looking in at the beauty and paddling at your own pace, you will undoubtedly capture the spirit of the Island. Not to mention, it’s also a great way to workout! Unsure about whether to kayak or paddle board? Try both!

Now, for you romantics out there, you’ll never chase a prettier sunset. The Block Island sparkle is well known. Bring your cameras as you will want to capture the gorgeous colors of the sky as it kisses the sea goodnight. And for you early birds, the sunrise is just as invigorating!

Let’s not forget all the walking trails available to you. Block Island is over 47% preserved open space and most of that preserved land has walking trail access. Mohegan Bluffs, Clayhead, Rodman's Hollow, and the Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve are just a few trails to experience. The beauty of the island is found at every turn. And while walking these paths, you’ll find yourself in the perfect locations to find some glass floats, Block Island’s most popular scavenger hunt!

So yes, this year’s trip to Block Island may look and feel a little different, but there is still the opportunity to experience all that it has to offer! Block Island, by nature, is the perfect place to stay socially distant. Bring a mask (you will be within 6 feet of others at some point on your visit) and get yourself here. Don't delay!

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