It’s easy to fall in love with Block Island and the special energy it holds. If you’ve been here before you probably know what we mean.  If you haven’t been to Block Island yet…you’ll find as soon as you arrive you are greeted with salty air and endless opportunity for adventure, zen, and serenity. No matter how long you stay, there is always something new to explore. 

With the spirit of Valentine's Day, here are a few things we love about Block Island along with some feel good photos from summer! 

1. Beaches, Sunshine, and Dogs

What's better than that combo? There are so many beaches to choose from, all offering their own unique vibe. Whether you enjoy exploring a rocky beach or laying in the sun for hours on a sandy beach, we have it all! 

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photograph via IG user: @tippykayak 

2. Trail Walks

Exploring the trails on Block Island offers a totally different perspective full of luscious greenery with the perfect mix of coastal views. With over 28 miles of walkable trails, it's a fantastic way to discover paths you never knew existed. 

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photograph via IG user: @_lauragail_

3. Chasing Sunrise and Sunset

There is nothing better than waking up with the sun before the daily summer hustle and bustle begins to catch the sunrise. The sunsets are also a sight to see, to say the least! There are many people that claim they've never seen a better sunset than right here on Block Island...we'll let you be the judge! 


photograph via IG user: @emmaandyy

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photograph via IG user: @grak21

Block Island truly forces you to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Whether you're wandering the beaches, discovering new trails, or gazing at sunrises and sunsets, every moment on Block Island embodies the essence of simplicity. What's not to love about that? 

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Cover photo by IG user: @holcloutier