The cold will warm your hands and heart when you find the beauty within it.

February on Block Island is cold. Really cold. However, it’s nothing a warm hat, gloves, and winter jacket won’t fix. The off season is a great time to visit. It’s the perfect time to find inspiration. I personally love to write, hence the blog. Others love to take photos, compose music, paint, draw, cook, etc. Whatever your creation, it’ll be better after spending some quiet time on Block Island.

Take a walk by the water. The sands of Crescent Beach stretch into a crescent moon. The sandy shoreline is blurred by the blue waters. The backside of the moon is outlined by the rocky walls, there to protect everyone when the waves decide to have some fun. In February, you’ll find the lone visitor walking their four legged fur baby or skipping stones. This spot is truly where the coastline meets New England charm.

Stop and spot the snowy owl. It is true that many wait for Summer months to visit the paradise known as Block Island but one thing you’ll fail to experience if you don’t visit in the winter is the serenity that comes with bird watching when no one else is around. Many have spotted the majestic snowy owl along the shores. It’s your turn to take a seat, look up at the sky or sometimes on the jetties and wait for your visitors. The many species of birds and wildlife found in this beautiful place is worth the wait.

Walk the deserted streets and take in the architecture. I’d say stop and smell the roses but they are not yet in bloom. However, take a walk around town and take in the artwork right in front of you. A visit to Block Island will bring you back in time. Rich in history, Block Island will take you to a place where charm is prevalent. All you have to do is look at the buildings. They have been preserved to resemble what once was.

Live like a local. There is much to experience on this small island. In the Summer you can experience much of the island as a tourist would, rent a moped, try parasailing, try several of the phenomenal restaurants, walk Water Street and visit all the shops. Many have said the island is worth a visit in February to experience life on this island as a local. Many shops and restaurants are closed this time of year so take the time to speak to the locals and find the places where they like to eat. Visit the beaches they like to experience. Walk the streets when they are not so crowded. Experience Block Island for ALL it has to offer.

February is a great time to visit alone to find your inspiration or with a loved one to celebrate your Valentine.