Whether this is your first visit or your one hundredth visit to Block Island, you’ll be amazed at the beauty that surrounds you. Our charming island is opening up for the season, just in time to cure cabin fever for all painters, photographers, writers, and travelers alike.

Stay at your choice of picturesque rentals and bed-and-breakfasts. Dine at one of our delectable restaurants. Go for a walk or hike along our beautiful stretch of sea and sand. Shop local exquisite boutiques and bring home a souvenir and a memory. Everywhere you turn you’ll see an adventure to experience and a treasure to find.

While some Block Island establishments are open year-round others are seasonal and begin to open in the Spring, until by Memorial Day Weekend, most everything is open. To see a list of what is open, visit http://www.blockislandinfo.com/island-events/whats-open-on-block-island

Lucky for us, the sites to be taken in are open year round. A must see this Spring are the daffodils! Take a walk along the Clayhead Nature Trail and visit a site like no other. The thousands of daffodils are in bloom and photographers are in love. To reach the trail, look for a post marker on the right side of Corn Neck Road, about 3 miles from town and across from a big yellow farm house. Turn right down the dirt road and go straight for one-third of a mile until you reach a parking area.

For more on what’s happening on Block Island this season, take note that the 2021 Magazine will be out this month. You can request a copy by emailing your mailing address to blockisland02807@gmail.com  or look for it on our website by May 1st. www.blockislandinfo.com