As the island's winter chill gradually surrenders to the warmth of the soon-to-be summer sun, Block Island awakens from its seasonal slumber, bursting with life and lush colors. Spring brings with it a few special activities that truly capture the essence of simplicity on Block Island. As the businesses prepare to open up again for the season, the nature is always open to offer something priceless. 

1. Fishing 

Fishing on Block Island promises an exciting and rewarding adventure from the get-go. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, spring is a great time to learn more about fishing and give it a try! Don't forget to get a fishing license, which you can obtain online before your fishing adventure.

2. Trail Walks

In spring, Block Island blossoms into a paradise for both hikers and walkers. With rejuvenated greenery, the daffodils and the shad approaching...the island quickly finds it's colors to be more and more vibrant everyday. There are over 28 miles of walking trails on Block Island...there is a lot to see and it can be hard to choose which trail to explore! For more ideas, visit our links below with more information on specific trails on Block Island!

3. Birding

Block Island becomes a premier birding destination in the spring, attracting enthusiasts with over 250 species visiting annually. From majestic Peregrine Falcons to Osprey and Bald Eagles, birdwatchers can enjoy spotting diverse avian species amidst the island's blooming wildflowers and greenery. Follow the link below for a live webcam view of the Osprey nest from The Block Island Power Company. Don't forget your binoculars as you make your way to Block Island for an unforgettable birding adventure!

Block Island in spring is a nature lover's dream...offering fishing, scenic walks, and birdwatching to reconnect with the nature of the season before summer is here. Remember, there are restaurants and hotels open during the spring and year-round on Block Island! 

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Cover photo via IG user: @craftwildly