Glass float season, activate! Calling all glass float lovers...with summer in full swing, orbivores are anxiously awaiting the journey to find their magical glass float on Block Island.

If you didn't already know, there are 550 floats hidden on Block Island every season for people to find. They are all hand-made and unique in their own way, with 23 of them having a unique color to them, (23 for 2023). Eben Horton, the artist behind all of the magic, creates custom one of a kind pieces on an individual basis out of his studio that he calls ‘The Glass Station'. His studio is located in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

While you are exploring the nature on Block Island, keep in mind that there might be a glass float close by you. Magic!

Floats are hidden along trails, beaches, and public spaces. Remember to respect Block Island and the environment while you are searching for a glass float. You would never have to deconstruct a stone wall to find a float, use your eyes to look from all angles but please leave stone walls and the land as you found them. It's important to remember that when hunting on trails you should never have to deviate more than a few feet off the side of a trail to collect a float. Do not create "new" trails by venturing off main path. Yes, they can be hidden in trees...look up! Floats are put out almost daily through the season, some in the fall, some in the winter! If you don't find one right away, don't worry. There will be more opportunities, and there are always floats to be found, all year round. Sometimes, people even find them from years and years ago

Please see a guideline for more specific tips, tricks and etiquette below.

Check out a few photographs of floats in the wild!

Remember, sometimes it's about the journey, not the destination. There are so many wonderful memories to be made, and places to be seen while on a mission to find a glass float. You might even find a new spot that you've never been to before! There are so many places to be explored and appreciated on Block Island.

Please register your float. It helps us keep track. Floats are registered at the website

Remember to tag @blockislandinfo on Instagram or Facebook with all of your float findings!

As many people say, you don't find the glass float, the glass float finds you.

Happy Hunting!

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