We so look forward to seeing you on Block Island. We know you love it here and so do we. We are all stewards of this beautiful place. We have 6 Island principles that are just gentle reminders of how best to love Block Island.

1) Leave it as you find it. You won't find trash cans on most Island beaches, we are carry in-carry out. Please take your trash with you and dispose of it properly.

2) Stay off the dunes. There are many, many access points to out beautiful beaches that are clearly marked. Please stay on the trails and walk-overs and off the dunes. Please also park bikes in bike racks and mopeds/cars in parking spaces. The dune grasses protect our beaches and many small species.

3) Keep pets leashed. Block Island is very dog friendly! We love to see your furry friends living their best life! Pets must stay leashed at all times in public spaces (please keep them off the dunes as well!). Please be sure to pick up after your pets and dispose of the waste properly.

4) Follow the rules of the road. Walk left, bike right. Helmets and close toed shoes are required on mopeds. The speed limit is 25 on Block Island. Please use the crosswalks.

5) Skip the plastics. Balloons and plastic bags are prohibited on Block Island. We encourage you to bring water-bottles and refill them at our 3 refilling stations located around the island. Skip the straw if at all possible.

6) Respect the Island. She belongs to all of us, and us to her.