It’s about that time of year where the kids are back in school,
vacationers vacate the beaches and the weather in much of the United
States, including Block Island, begins to cool before winter sets in.
If you are one of those individuals that view fall as an indication of
the impending doom a New England winter brings, you might want to book
one last hurrah in a place with more summery vibes, even if summer has
technically come to an end. You can enjoy great deals on things to do
and places to stay on the island if you travel now.

Block Island temperatures average in the 70s this time of year. It’s a
place where you can enjoy the beach without the crowds. A place where
sweatshirts and leggings are acceptable clothing no matter where you
go on the island. A place where you can indulge in seasonal foods.
Pumpkin coffee has found its way to the island! Come for a visit to
relax and soak in the sun. Let your toes feel the sand one more time.
Let the crashing of waves fill your mind and soul and carry you to
next summer. Let Block Island show you why the locals favor the Fall on the island. In fact, get to know the locals. There's more time to stop and smell the roses this time of year and you'll get the authentic travel experience.

So, let the crisp air and stunning views that come with fall be your
"reset" button. Vacation season isn’t over until you have no more plans to
look forward to.

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