Block Island is a small island located 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island where you'll mostly find 3 types of people. You have the locals, those full time-year round residents; then there are the vacationers, who simply can’t believe how far away from home they feel like they are right in Rhode Island’s backyard; and you have the regulars. After a few trips to the island, you’ll become a regular. These are visitors who travel to the island time and again and often daydream of being a local.

Whether you are a vacationer or a regular, Block Island is the perfect destination for your 2022 getaway. It is a well known but still hidden gem full of beaches, natural attractions, casual dining restaurants and bed and breakfast accommodations. The ambiance you’ll find when dining at the restaurants or staying at one of the inns will have you coming back for more. We can’t say it’ll become an annual tradition…more like a monthly dream. Whether you eat at the beach or at the bar, you’ll be breathing the salty air and viewing the beauty no matter where you turn.

Block Island has lots of activities to suit everyone’s needs. Many enjoy the walking trails found crisscrossing through the island. Some prefer biking the paved and dirt roads discovering the sights. You can experience nature and wildlife while getting a good workout on the island’s hills. Looking for a challenge? Try the 142 steps at Mohegan Bluffs!

Of course, a trip to the island is not complete until you’ve visited our beaches. From Surf to Mansion and beyond, you’ll put your toes in the white sand, soak in the sun, and breathe in the salty air (even in the off-season!).

From hikes and bike rides for those looking to stay fit on vacation, to beach days and refreshments for those looking for the meaning of relaxation, to boutique shopping for everyone looking to bring a piece of Block island home, there is something for everyone. We haven't even scratched the surface of what Block Island offers here! Your getaway is what you make it. Your vacation time will be well spent when you choose Block Island.

2022 is your year. Where will you be? for more information and to get started planning your vacation.