I think we are all ready to say goodbye to 2020 and we are looking forward to traveling again in 2021.  For this reason, take a hard look at your Holiday Shopping list this year and consider giving those you love the gift of a getaway. Give them an experience in which the memories made will last a lifetime. (To my own family, consider this a hint!)

An experience on Block Island is the perfect alternative to buying “stuff”. The trip will be memorable and will provide that warm feeling that you simply cannot achieve with an object. Let’s be honest, do you remember what everyone gave you last holiday season? But, if you ask them about trips they've been on, the stories will pour out with detailed explanations!

Stuff comes and goes, but experiences last forever in the memories we share.

Consider what happens when you go on a trip to Block Island together or give someone an experience to enjoy on the island... You can plan it together. You can visit the various sites together. You share the views on Mohegan Bluffs and the sunny days on the beach. You experience the laid back culture (you’re on island time). You enjoy the food at a local delicious restaurant, sitting out overlooking the ocean. You’re experiencing the trip together. Then, when you get back you have memories to call upon together.
If you can’t make the trip with them, you’ll still enjoy sharing the pictures and videos upon their return. You can talk all about what they saw while they were away, and almost feel like you were there with them. Gift the gift everyone wants this year. Plan a trip to Block Island in 2021.

For a comprehensive list of online shopping options and web-links to get gift certificates see here: http://www.blockislandinfo.com/island-events/shop-block-island-from-anywhere-anytime