Spring has sprung on Block Island, marked by the vibrant daffodils gracing Clay Head Trail and the occasional discovery of a hidden glass float that are hidden all around the island...if you know, you know! As the warmer weather makes its way, it's important to tread lightly on the island's trails making sure to leave them as untouched as we find them. There are so many island animals waking up for spring, too...remember to drive safely, follow the speed limit, and look out for these native creatures as they cross. Please keep in mind that Block Island is an extremely unique location and treating the island with respect is crucial to the beauty remaining pristine so we can all continue to enjoy exploring! 

With all of the sunshine, the island is abuzz with activity as all businesses prepare for the upcoming season. Fresh coats of paint and the anticipation of doors swinging open signal the arrival of spring, hinting at the imminent bustle of summer. There is still so much to explore...soon, summer will be here..but for now basking in the springtime-chill is our vibe. 

Check out some of our favorite shots of the daffodils...


daffodil field

single daffodil

Whether you are exploring the trails, walking around town, or going for a beach walk, there is a certain solitude that surrounds the spring...allowing us to prepare for the hustle of summer. Before we know it, those hot August days will arrive and we will be reminiscing on the cool breeze of a spring day on Block Island. There are many businesses that are open to choose from, and many more that will be opening their doors before we know it! With so much to explore, where will you start your Block Island adventure?

For more information on the island and what to explore, check out www.blockislandinfo.com