Daffodil Days and Spring Things!

Any day now the daffodils at the maze will be in full bloom for all to enjoy! The island will be bustling in a few months but April is definitely the Shoulder, or quiet, season on Block Island . You want to visit now to experience the flowers in all their glory. These beauties are often the first sign of spring on the island, and they are a sight for sore eyes after a long winter. The famous display typically makes its presence mid April and lasts for about a month, delighting all who visit.

But daffodils are just the beginning! There are plenty of bulbs and blossoms you’ll spot over the coming weeks on the island. They will be accompanied by several types of our feathered friends singing a tune and flying the skies. Block Island is a favorite for all the birdwatchers out there. It’s actually recognized as one of the most important migratory bird habitats on the east coast.

Another fun Spring stop is the 1661 Inn Farm and Gardens. It is home to camels, llamas, goats, swans, a yak, a zebu, lemurs and even red kangaroos! Yes, the animals are there year round, but they are so energetic in the spring. It’s not too hot, not too cold. They look forward to meeting new people and feeding with friends.

Now you may ask how will you get to these magnificent places… take a hike, or a bike! There are many Greenway trails crisscrossing the island, across the more than 47% preserved open space on the island that you can walk. Biking is also a great way to get around and get those cardio muscles working, you can rent or bring your own - don't forget your helmet!

And while you are exploring, don’t forget to look for those famous glass floats.

For more information on hiking, biking, float hunting and more check out blockislandinfo.com