We want to take this opportunity to update you on travel to Block Island. This is a rapidly changing environment due to the global pandemic and the Town of New Shoreham is working with the State of Rhode Island to keep everyone safe. 

Block Island's lifeline services (ferry/plane) remain running, and are on limited schedules.  Please refer to their websites for updated information on crossing to Block Island.  www.blockislandferry.com and www.blockislandsairline.com

If you are crossing to Block Island via private boat please refer to the "Harbors" page on www.new-shoreham.com for updated restrictions due to Covid-19.

Currently Rhode Island has a 14 day quarantine restriction for all people entering Rhode Island from another state.  If you come to Block Island while this restriction is still in place, you do not need to stay for 14 days, but you are required to quarantine for the entire time you are on island.  

Restaurants and cafes are closed for on premise dining and there are limited curb-side pickup and delivery options at this time.

Some retail stores are open on a limited basis, with limited in-store browsing.

The library, school, town hall and all public restroom facilities, including the town beach pavilion, are closed.

Block Island would like to assure our future guests that we are operating under advice from the Block Island Medical Center, the Rhode Island Department of Health and the CDC.  As restrictions and regulations begin to ease across the Country, Region and State, Block Island stands ready to adhere to all safety procedures and best practices.  

When we are fully able to welcome guests, we will be ready.  We look forward to that day.

For a comprehensive list of all Rhode Island and Block Island regulations and restrictions please visit the home page of the Town of New Shoreham at www.new-shoreham.com