The sun still shines bright. The nights are a little cooler. The crowds are gone. Fall is a peaceful time to vacation on Block Island. And, with so many overnight vacation accommodations to choose from, the deals are a plenty! Whether you visit for a week or just a long-weekend, you’ll find the serenity you're looking for. A visit to Block Island will take you a world away so close to home.

You'll be amazed at how peaceful a day on the beaches of Block Island can be when you can sit and listen to the waves without interruption. The sand between your toes. The sun on your face. The birds chirping in the distance. The waves rolling in just enough to reach your chair and say hello before retreating. A getaway that consists of waking up, beaching it, eating, repeating sounds perfect doesn't it?

If you're thinking of coming out for just a day trip there is at least one Block Island must see you'll miss. The sunsets (and sunrises!) on Island are breathtaking. There is something tranquil about ending your day by the water watching the sun kiss the sky goodnight. The pinks and yellows are vibrant. The purples are deep. Your camera will thank you for allowing it to participate in the moment.

For all the bird lovers out there, find your flock this Fall on Block Island. Thousands of Warblers, rare Sparrows and vagrants will meet you here. The National Wildlife Refuge covers 127 acres at the North end of the island. Over 70 species of migratory song birds visit the island each Fall. The Piping Plover, a threatened species, has also been known to visit. Block Island is home to the largest Gull colony in Rhode Island. As one of the most important migratory habitats on the East Coast, Block Island is THE spot for your next bird watching adventure.

Visit Block Island this Fall and see for yourself why you'll want to make this trip an annual tradition.

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