Block Island continues to be a beloved destination for travelers seeking scenic beauty, ocean breezes, and charming shops and restaurants. While the island faced a heart-wrenching loss with the burning of the Harborside Inn, its spirit remains alive, and the island is open for business, ready to welcome visitors with open arms.

On August 18th, a fire broke out at the Harborside Inn in the center of Old Harbor. The Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue squads responded and mutual aid from the mainland was quickly mobilized thanks to the US Coast Guard, Interstate Navigation, New England Airlines and Rhode Island Fire Departments. The Hotel and surrounding businesses were evacuated and there were zero reported injuries.

The Historic Building is currently being demolished and we are hopeful that she will be rebuilt in all her glory, and ready to welcome you once again, to Water Street.

The article below, which appeared in the The Boston Globe, paints a wonderful picture of the History of The Harborside Inn and is well worth a read.

Block Island in September is a true delight. As summer transitions into fall, this picturesque island takes on a unique charm. The crowds of the peak season thin out, leaving behind a tranquil atmosphere, while the warm September sun still graces the stunning beaches and rolling landscapes. It's a perfect time to savor the island's natural beauty, explore its quaint shops, and dine at the local eateries.

Block Island's restaurants and shops are very much open. The island's culinary scene continues to thrive, with local chefs serving up delicious seafood and other specialties. The island's restaurants are ready to serve you!

And when it comes to shopping, Block Island offers a delightful range of boutiques and shops. From unique souvenirs to handmade crafts, you'll find treasures to remember your visit by.

September is a great time to visit the island. Hiking enthusiasts will find plenty of trails to explore within the 28 miles of walking trails to choose from! Block Island offers a diverse range of ecosystems, from rolling meadows to coastal bluffs. The Greenway Trails and the Clay Head Preserve are perfect for those seeking a serene escape into nature. As you wander, keep an eye out for the island's rich birdlife. You might even find a glass float!

A visit to Block Island in the fall is a treasure waiting to be discovered. As the summer rush subsides, the island unveils a different kind of charm, inviting you to explore its natural wonders and cultural treasures. From serene beaches and picturesque hiking trails to breathtaking sunsets and starry skies, there's no shortage of enchanting experiences to be had.

Almost all of the Island's businesses remain fully open through the Fall Season, but if you have a particular business you are interested in knowing the hours of, you can call the business directly or the Visitor Center at 401-466-2474.

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Photograph by IG user 📸: western_mass_drone_photography