Living as a dog on Block Island for a day is the ultimate dream. With pristine beaches to explore, sprawling nature trails to try and sniff out an orb, and a welcoming community full of dog-friendly establishments, Block Island offers a doggo-paradise like no other!

As a dog on Block Island, there is a vast playground of natural wonders. From the stunning beaches along Corn Neck Road, over 28 miles of meandering walking trails, the island offers endless opportunities for exploration. They can accompany their human companions on hikes, reveling in the scents and sounds of the lush greenery, and if they're lucky - even sniff out a glass float hidden along the trails - it has happened before!

Block Island's variety of landscapes provide a sensory overload for dogs, awakening their natural instincts and providing them with a true connection to the island's unspoiled beauty.

Remember, all dogs must be leashed on Block Island! Check out Mutt Hutt, a doggos shopping dream. They have such a wide variety of treats, toys, leashes, collars, and harnesses - all Block Island themed. What's better than that? Check out their website too, at

There are many dog friendly hotels on Block Island. So whether you are coming for the day or staying over, there are plenty of options! Please see the list below of all pet friendly hotels/inns on Block Island! 

Have a look at some of our favorite Block Island doggos! Photos courtesy of @dogsofblockisland.

"Meet this cutieeeee Lucy, an 11 week old golden, who you can catch at the @what.soup stand at the farmers market every Wednesday and Saturday! ☀️😎" Photo courtesy of IG user @dogsofblockisland.

"Meet Bouy from @seapodbi !! She is an 8 month mystery doggo. We know she is half German Shepard and kiddingly part Kangaroo. Her favorite thing to do on island is visit @mutthutblockisland (seriously ) . If you see this sweet face around be sure to give her some puppy pets!"

Photo courtesy of IG user @dogsofblockisland.

"What a weekend!! Freckles is wheels up back to Westerly ✈️ ☀️ 🇺🇸"

Photo courtesy of IG user @dogsofblockisland.

"Summer 🐶 celebrating the 2nd day of Summer ☀️ at her favorite breakfast spot @persephoneskitchen 🍳🍅🥓"

Photo courtesy of IG user @dogsofblockisland.

"Thinking of applying for a job as a lifecorg this summer...who wouldn't mind being rescued by me? #simonstumps #lifeguard #summer #beachbody #goals"

Photo courtesy of IG user @simonstumps.

"Everybody meet Hank, 9 and His little sister Emma, 7. These goldens are beach dogs through and through and like to play in the waves and run up the beach. Enjoy Scotch beach pups!!"

Photo courtesy of IG user @dogsofblockisland.

"A Merry Christmas Eve introduction to Ezra! Ezra is a golden retriever who just turned 2. He’s happiest bouncing around the island with his person Abigail and maybe even picking up a shift or two at Block Market. 😉 Much love for this golden boy! 🏆"

Photo courtesy of IG user @dogsofblockisland.

Find them on Instagram and be sure to tag them with your favorite photo of your pooches. 

Remember to love Block Island and leave the nature as you find it, don't forget the doggie bags to pick up after your four-legged friend!

All in all, Block Island stands as a testament to the beauty of the human-canine bond, where dogs are not merely pets but cherished members of the Block Island family. Plan your trip to Block Island and explore the doggo-paradise that it is!

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