With the holiday spirit in full swing, Block Island has magic in the air! The 25-Days-Of-Christmas trend is well-known, but on Block Island, each day feels like a gift. In honor of the Holiday Season, we thought of 25 activities that you can do on Block Island (for free)! 

There is something on the island that everyone can enjoy; whether you are a hit-the-town for the shops and restaurants kind of person, a find the hidden trail and get lost in nature kind of person, or a lay on the beach all day and forget about what time it is kind of person, you will certainly find your very own oasis on Block Island. Check out our favorite must-do's on Block Island!

1. Mohegan Bluffs


Some people say the beach at the base of the 200-foot tall Mohegan Bluffs is the most beautiful on the island, harboring a secluded, if rocky, place to swim and surf. It’s a bit of a climb to get there, however, with a set of 141 steps leading down to the sand. Make the effort and the payoff is spectacular, with clay cliffs that offer one of the most dramatic views of the Atlantic in all of Rhode Island, and a vista that can extend all the way to Montauk on the tip of Long Island.  

2. Southeast Light

southeast light

An architecturally distinctive gem that sits atop Mohegan Bluffs, Southeast Light is one of the two lights on the island, and the easiest to access. It’s grounds offer amazing views out over the Atlantic, including the island’s best perspective on the new Block Island Windfarm located three miles offshore. Built in 1875, the lighthouse has a 52-foot brick and granite tower, and has been named a National Historic Landmark. 

3. The North Lighthouse 

north light

If you appreciate great scenery, this is one of the island’s best bets, with pretty coastal views and the historic North Light. Located where Corn Neck Road ends, the area includes Settler’s Rock, which you’ll encounter right next to the parking lot – it’s a monument inscribed with the names of the original English families who settled on the island in 1661. Leave your car or bike in the small lot near the Rock, and you can hike about half a mile across the shoreline to the pretty lighthouse you’ll see in the distance; North Light is an iconic granite and iron lighthouse that dates from 1867. The shoreline is rocky and the waters from both sides of the island meet, creating strong riptides, this is not a place for swimming. Be careful where you walk in the North Light area, too; the beach is a nesting area for many rare birds.

4. Rodman's Hollow

rodmans TNC

Photo credit: The Nature Conservancy 

If you’re looking for a relatively easy walk through a variety of natural settings – from wooded to open, from towering bluffs to a pristine beach – Rodman’s Hollow is a can’t miss place. Rodman’s Hollow is a glorious 230-acre glacial outwash plain with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and access to Black Rock Beach, filled with native trees and shrubs lining a path that varies from flat to steep.

5. Clay Head Nature Trail 


Searching for natural peace and quiet? This 190-acre parcel on the northeast part of the island contains some of the island’s most spectacular scenery. With an excellent balance of trail and beach, you can really have the best of both worlds while exploring Clay Head Nature Trail. 

6. Graces Cove


Explore the rocky beaches of the west side and enjoy watching the sunset. Graces Cove, Dorries Cove, and Cooneymus are three infamous sunset spots on Block Island. 

7. Andy's Way


If you’re into clamming, kayaking, or just a pleasant stroll...this is your spot.If you're a fan of clamming or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll, Andy's Way is the ideal destination for you. Besides clamming, Andy's Way is a haven for discovering horseshoe crabs, hermit crabs, and egrets. It truly is a world of it's own! Remember you must have a shellfishing license from the town to go clamming and scalloping. 

8. Fresh Pond 


Enjoy going fishing or taking a dip at Fresh Pond! This pond is a great stop on a hot summer day. Whether you are looking to swim, kayak, fish, or just chill...this is one of the best places to hang. 

9. Hodge Wildlife Preserve


A 25-acre parcel that connects to the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge, the Hodge Property is the most recent large-scale conservation purchase on Block Island. This is a great trail to explore the nature, and maybe even find a glass float while doing so! 

10. Farmer's Market at Legion Park 


On Wednesdays and Saturdays in the summer season, the farmers market is the place to be for all of your local goodies. Fruits, vegetables, home-goods, and more...there's something for everyone! 

11. 1661 Farm and Gardens 


Miss your dog or cat or lemur at home? Kids and adults alike love to stop by The 1661 Inn Farm and Gardens, tucked along a hillside meadow just across the street from the 1661 Inn to get their furry fix.

12. The Glass Float Project


If you didn’t already know, there are 550 floats hidden on Block Island every season for people to find. They are all hand-made and unique in their own way, with 23 of them having a unique color to them, (23 for 2023).Floats are hidden along trails, beaches, and public spaces. Remember to respect Block Island and the environment while you are searching for a glass float. You would never have to deconstruct a stone wall to find a float, use your eyes to look from all angles but please leave stone walls and the land as you found them.

13. Island Free Library 


The Island Free Library on Block Island offers an array of literary selections and is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday. The library is an essential part of Block Island's community. Come check out the incredible selection of books and activities to choose from! 

14. Black Rock Beach 


Black Rock is not the easiest beach to get to, but beautiful sunset views over the cliffs make it worthwhile. Located on the South side of the island, the journey is definitely worth the views!

15. The Sacred Labyrinth


 Taking a break out of your regular workday world gives you time to ponder the big questions of life. On Block Island, there’s a narrow circular walkway lined with stones called the Sacred Labyrinth, where you can unplug from the ubiquitous distractions of the modern world and enjoy the peace and quiet of a walking meditation. 

16. Ball O'Brien Park 


If the kids are itching for a honest-to-goodness playground, Ball O’Brien Park, located right across from the cemetery and close to New Harbor, should be just their speed. Beyond a large playground, a skate park, tennis courts and basketball courts, Ball O’Brien is a great picnicking destination, with charcoal grills, a covered picnic pavilion, and restrooms.

17. Solviken Preserve


The Block Island Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the natural spaces of Block Island and the Solviken Preserve is a perfect example. With picnic tables, a grassy field, and the beach right across the street...this makes the perfect mid-day stop while exploring Block Island! 

18. Mosquito Beach aka Dinghy Beach

dinghy beach

Also known as Mosquito Beach, Dinghy Beach is a small sandy cove with a fixed dock in Great Salt Pond that provides the easiest access from the pond to Crescent Beach.

19. Mansion Beach 


Mansion Beach was originally home to an actual mansion – the large, elegant home of Edward F. Searles, which burned down in the 1960s and was never rebuilt. Even without the mansion, however, the beach is one of the island’s most picturesque.

20. Spring Street Gallery


For 40 years, the Spring Street Gallery has successfully operated in a formerly abandoned horse barn that was brought back to life by community artists who wanted to showcase Block Island’s rich history and culture. This nonprofit gallery is staffed by artist members, providing a knowledgeable and personalized experience in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

21. Charlestown Beach

charlestown beach

A secluded beach with amazing sunsets, Charlestown Beach is a great spot for a sunset picnic, and romantic enough that people get engaged here on a regular basis. This is also a popular spot to try and catch a fish! 

22. Fred Benson Town Beach 

town beach

Named Coastal Living’s “Best Beach for Families,” Fred Benson has everything young kids (and their parents) could want -- a wide white sand beach with low surf, a lifeguard, and ice cream. This is the perfect beach for the whole family to relax and have fun. 

23. Soundwaves: Movies on the Beach 


Enjoy a movie on the beach, during the Summer Season, on Block Island....for free! Blockbusters on the beach are back! Tuesdays at sunset, starting around 7:45-8 PM, watch some of your favorite, feel-good movies from the beach as they are played on the Fred Benson Town Beach Pavilion building. 

24. The Great Salt Pond


The pond is an ideal spot to sail, kayak, swim, or go fishing! The Great Salt Pond provides an idyllic environment for all sea creatures, and if you're lucky while you're snorkeling you might even see some of the animals in action! 

25.  Scotch Beach 


Scotch Beach is the best place forwide-open stretches of white sand and volleyball nets are always set up in the summer. With bigger waves and very few rocks, it’s a great beach for body surfing and boogie boarding.

Block Island is known for its diverse attractions and activities, ensuring there's a little something special for everyone. From the picturesque beaches and historic landmarks like the Southeast Lighthouse and the Statue of Rebecca to the opportunities for outdoor exploration, the island offers a unique experience. Whether you're seeking nature's beauty, delving into local history, or simply unwinding, Block Island exudes a distinctive charm that captivates both visitors and locals alike. 

Remember to check each destination's specific hours, as some of the locations listed above are not open year-round. 

For all things Block Island, visit https://www.blockislandinfo.com/