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Rodman’s Hollow

If you’re looking for a relatively easy walk through a variety of natural settings – from wooded to open, from towering bluffs to a pristine beach – Rodman’s Hollow is a can’t miss place. Rodman’s Hollow is a glorious 230-acre glacial outwash plain with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and access to Black Rock Beach, filled with native trees and shrubs lining a path that varies from flat to steep. It’s a great place to hunt for glass floats – the 550 handcrafted numbered orbs that have been hidden around the island as part of an interactive art experience known as the Glass Float Project. To get to Rodman’s Hollow, walk down Black Rock Road off of Cooneymus Road. In a quarter mile, you’ll see a wooden gate and turnstile that’s the entrance to the trail. When you get to the split, go left to walk the bottom of the hollow and to get to another trail leading to Fresh Pond. Or take a right to go up a knoll and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic vista. The trails come together again to return to Black Rock Road. If you turn left and continue down the road, you’ll find another trail that takes you all the way to secluded Black Rock Beach. 

January 1, 2021 - January 1, 2022
Rodman’s Hollow
Cooneymus Road
Block Island, RI 02807