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The 1661 Inn Farm and Gardens

*All season long* Miss your dog or cat or lemur at home? Kids and adults alike love to stop by The 1661 Inn Farm and Gardens, tucked along a hillside meadow just across the street from the 1661 Inn to get their furry fix.

Sure, you’ll see chicks and ducks and geese scurrying about. But who knew a little patch of Block Island was home to a zebu and emus and kangaroos? (Oh my.) You may even meet a yak and a one-eyed zedonk named Cindy. Justin Abrams, who passed away in 2016, started collecting the animals years ago and took great joy in the fact that he introduced legions of visitors to his exotic menagerie.  Justin left the farm to his Grandsons, who carry out his vision today.

Accessible from dawn to dusk, the farm is just a few blocks from the ferry and there’s no charge to stop by and see the animals. And for good karma, you can always buy a bag of feed for a dollar and make an emu or two very happy. For more information on the farm or the hotel, visit

January 1, 2024 - January 1, 2025
The 1661 Inn Farm and Gardens
The 1661 Inn
Block Island, RI 02807