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Sacred Labyrinth

*All season long.* Taking a break out of your regular workday world gives you time to ponder the big questions of life. On Block Island, there’s a narrow circular walkway lined with stones called the Sacred Labyrinth, where you can unplug from the ubiquitous distractions of the modern world and enjoy the peace and quiet of a walking meditation.

When you get to the center of the circle, there’s a place to sit and enjoy the views overlooking Sachem Pond, North Lighthouse and the ocean beyond. Listen for the sounds of the birds—and possibly for answers from the universe. And be sure to look inside the wooden box tucked under a crabapple tree. You’ll find notebooks where previous visitors have recorded their own personal thoughts brought on by their visit to this special spot. Share your own musings if you’re so inclined.

Like answers to life’s most pressing questions, the labyrinth is not the easiest thing to find. Travel up Corn Neck Road toward the North Light and keep your eye on the stone wall on the west side of the road for grey weathered stairs  painted with a red arrow and the word Labyrinth. Climb the stairs and enjoy the journey—wherever it takes you.

January 1, 2024 - January 1, 2025
Corn Neck Road
Block Island, RI 02807