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Block Island Race Week

Block Island hosts some colorful events, but there may be nothing quite as spectacular as up to 150 sleek (and brightly colored) racing sailboats cutting through the waters surrounding the island during the annual Block Island Race Week.

2021 brings Storm Trysail back to Block Island for their every-other-year running of the race. It's a popular regatta, attracting some of the world’s best sailors. 

Please note for 2021, schedules, events, and plans will be subject to local and CDC guidelines at the time for the safety and health of our participants, volunteers, and local hosts.

Block Island Race Week is five days of race activities both on and off the water. A variety of racing from buoys to distance and the coveted “Around the Island Race” is paired with a daily after sailing parties sponsored by our Race Partners.

While it’s a mecca for racers and race enthusiasts, you don’t have to know a lot about racing to get bit by the Race Week bug.  The regatta was modeled on the famous British “Cowes Week,” and designed to emphasize both sailboat racing and shoreside fun – sailors themselves describe it as “a fun family event with great racing.”  

This event will feature 5 days of racing on Block Island Sound, with multiple races per day (including the traditional Round the Island Race.) A cruising class holding one race each day starts at 2pm. The very best views are from the beaches and elevated points, especially from Mohegan Bluffs during the Around the Island Race (the day depends on weather conditions, but it's usually Wednesday.) 

As with all of Block Island’s most popular events, it’s important to make lodging arrangements before you arrive. Check out their website and Facebook page for more details.

June 21, 2021 - June 25, 2021
Champlin's Marina
Champlin's Resort and MArina
Block Island, RI 02807