Island Events & Attractions

Beach Access

The best beach access is Crescent Beach which refers to the wide white sand beach you see here, but it goes by many names — Mansion Beach, Fred Benson Town Beach, Baby Beach and Surf Beach —depending on where you are. Whatever you call it, CrescentBeach is pleasant both for walking and swimming, with a nice view of town, the jetty, and ferries coming in and out. As you walk back towards town, you’ll pass through SurfBeach at the South end of Crescent Beach, named forThe Surf Hotel, which used to sit right above it, now theBlock Island Beach House. It’s the best place to snorkel on the island, with rock formations and a breakwater that make it an ideal spot to check out the abundant sea life, including small crabs and starfish. The beach stays shallow for a long way out, making it great for kids.

January 1, 2024 - January 1, 2025
Block Island, RI 02807