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Great Toy Boat Race

Ahoy all skippers, crewmates and spectators of any age or size. It’s once again time for the smallest race with the biggest smiles on all of Block Island — the annual Great Toy Boat Race benefitting the Block Island Early Learning Center.

The festivities take place Sunday at 9:30 a.m. at the Ocean Avenue bridge (rain date is Monday.) Don’t expect to see classic wooden sloops or gleaming fiberglass yachts at this meeting. The vessels of choice are small, plastic, colorful and tend to bob along at a snail’s pace. Still, with a grand prize of $1000 (wow!), there’s plenty of excitement as the boats near the finish line. Lots of other prizes are up for grabs, as well. Of course, the biggest reward goes to the Block Island Early Learning Center, who is the beneficiary of the event.

Just $10 per ticket — a small price to pay for so much fun — and tee shirts are for sale, too. (Wear your Toy Boat Race tee back home for a great conversation starter wherever you go!) See you at the race!

August 13, 2017
Block Island Early Learning Center
Ocean Avenue Bridge
Block Island, RI 02807