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Block Island Triathlon

Sure, there’s plenty of swimming, biking and running on Block Island. The question is, do you like to fit all 3 in before lunch or take your time and do them all over the course of a weekend? Or a summer?

If love the smell of adrenaline in the morning, why not join about 400 other participants in the annual Block Island Triathlon, Saturday August 3rd at 9am?

Start off at Fred Benson Town Beach with a brisk quarter-mile swim through the waters on the eastern side of the island. Take a second to drip dry, then buckle on your helmet for a 12-mile ride along the beautiful western coast. Trade your bike shoes for your running shoes and finish up on the eastern beaches with a 4-mile run. And if all that sounds completely crazy to you, just amble on down and enjoy watching the race with your coffee and donuts at your side. 

Either way, it’s another fine Saturday morning on Block Island. For participants or spectators coming on the day of, you’ll have to catch the special 6am Point Judith ferry added for this event. To pre-register, visit To find out more, call the Recreation Department at 401.466.3223 or visit

August 3, 2019
Fred Benson Town Beach Pavilion
25 Corn Neck Road
Block Island, RI 02807