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Block Island Half Marathon

October on Block Island is stunning, and the weather is perfect for running... So, can we interest you in a nice long jaunt – say 13.1 miles?

The Block Island Half Marathon is hard to beat in terms of scenery, beginning and ending at the Fred Benson Town Beach Pavilion. You start by running over a flat stretch toward the North, passing the Great Salt Pond, beach dunes and the North Lighthouse. At the North Light, the course turns back and racers get ready for a challenging loop around the beautiful west side of the island, with lots of hills and turns. Here, you’ll pass rolling pastures, stonewalls and farmhouses, with the bright blue Atlantic making regular guest appearances. The last stretch takes you down Airport Hill and back to the Pavilion.

Unlike a lot of longer races that start in the very early AM, the Block Island Half Marathon begins at a leisurely 11:30 AM, which seems appropriate for the laid-back environs. Registration is $40. to enter!

October 13, 2019
Fred Benson Town Beach Pavilion
Corn Neck Road
Block Island, RI 02807