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80’s Prom Party

We don’t want to ask about your REAL prom (or whether it occurred in the decade of the 80’s), but chances are it didn’t happen in a place half as cool as the Poor People’s Pub. And it’s hard to believe it could have been much more fun.

This is an 80’s themed dance party night, where a DJ busts out all your 80s faves starting at 10 PM. It’s also a good time for you to break the seal on those old Jordache jeans, Members Only jackets, or vintage what have you, and make like it’s still the 80s yourself. A Prom King and Queen will be crowned at the end of the night for best 80s attire. There is no cover charge.

If you haven’t been to Poor People’s pub before, expect fun, not fancy. If you can’t make this weekend, there’s always September 30, where the pub celebrates Oktoberfest with Bavarian food, Live Oompah Band & beer specials.

September 15, 2017
Poor People’s Pub
33 Ocean Ave.
Block Island, RI 02807