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Group Tours
Sometimes the logistics of booking a Block Island
vacation are overwhelming. That's why group tours are so
great! Everything is taken care of for you, customized to
your needs. Whether overnight or just for the day, spring
or fall, mid-week or weekend; Block Island has something
for you. There's a `Lobsters & Lighthouses' overnight group
tour, a `Ferry, Lunch & Tour' day trip, and even a `Choose
Your Own Adventure' group tour. Or, create your own --
for a family wishing to reunite, a cyclist group, a private
or charter school, or a company looking for a fun place to
retreat, we have a Block Island experience just right for you.
"We've had classic car associations, military reunions, and
lighthouse afi cionados come out," says Megan Moran, sales
manager for the Block Island Ferry. What appeals to folks
is the inclusive nature of a tour, she says. You get round-
trip ferry tickets, an island tour, lunch, and of course free
time for exploration. "Group tours bring a whole different
dynamic to Block Island," says Jessica Willi, Executive
Director of the Tourism Council. "This market is wonderful
for fi rst-time visitors to the island. Everything is included
in their day. And, as we know on Block Island, one visit will
turn into a lifetime of visits."
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A stop at the scenic North Light
Lunch at The National
A complete bus tour with guide
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