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Close To Home, A World Away
"Do you like living out here?" This is a question I get
asked almost daily in the summer. The answer is always,
and unequivocally, yes. The things I don't like I can count
on one hand.; no movie theater in the winter, weather
delaying boats and planes, high electric rates, and I really
miss being able to go to Target on a whim. But that's it.
The things I love about living on Block Island are far too
numerous to mention. Nature tops my list; the beaches
are beautiful, the cliffs are dramatic and the ocean is
spectacular in every season. What you can't see as easily
is the sense of community. With only about 1007 year-
round residents we pretty much all know one another.
What makes the island special to me might be different
for another resident. In fact, there are many differing
opinions about all sorts of things out here. These are a
passionate people. What we all agree on, however, is our
love for this island. We all want what's best for our home.
I love talking about Block Island and I love showing
people Block Island, like a mom showing off her child's
accomplishments. If you visit, for an hour or a week, I'm
confi dent you'll understand why we love where we live.
Come on out and let us show you our home.
Jessica K. Willi
Executive Director, Block Island Tourism Council

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