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Close To Home, A World Away
I came to Block Island in 1996 to
work at a moped rental shop during
the day and at Captain Nick's as a
bouncer at night. Katie showed up a
few years later in 2002 and worked
as a bartender at Ballard's. As the
years passed I ended up working
more and more at Captain Nick's
and eventually took over as general
manager in 2006.
At that time, some mutual friends
introduced Katie and I. Katie was
looking for a change of pace, so
she began bartending at Captain
Nick's. We hit it off and pretty
soon we became an item. Katie's
knowledge of the bar business really
brought the level of service up and
allowed me to focus on promotions
and entertainment. It soon became
apparent we made a pretty good
In 2009, the owner of Captain
Nick's approached me with an offer
to assume the proprietorship of the
business. We decided to take the
plunge and spent that spring fi xing
the bathrooms, painting, cleaning and
renovating. We turned the second
fl oor into a lounge area that now
hosts our Piano Bar on Tuesday and
Wednesday nights. Katie offi cially
turned our Sunday afternoons on the
deck into a family day where moms
and dads could bring the kids, have a
couple of drinks and enjoy sushi and
live music.
I popped the question to Katie
in July of 2012 and thankfully she
said yes. We planned our wedding
for September of 2014. In the fall
of 2013 we were presented with
another offer to take over two more
mainstay restaurants on the island.
Surely it would be insane for us to
take over two more businesses
AND plan a wedding. But since
running Captain Nick's had made us
well versed in insanity, we fi gured
we were up for the challenge. So in
the Spring of 2014, just six months
before we were to marry, we became
proprietors of the Mohegan Café and
the Harbor Grill.
If it weren't for our amazing staff
we wouldn't have made it through
that summer. Thank goodness for
people like Sarah Thayer, Dave
Sniffen, Justin Dunlop and Andrew
Brushett (to name only a few) who
helped us keep the ship afl
throughout that season. Somehow
we all pulled through and our reward
for all that hard work was a beautifully
sunny wedding day, where we were
surrounded by many of those same
staff members, who at this point had
become family.
Now in our fourth season at the
helm of all three establishments, we
still credit our amazing crew for any
success we may enjoy. It's truly a
team effort in the truest sense of the
word. Even more rewarding has been
the greater sense of family we've
encountered as a more integral part
of the Block Island community. It's
truly a special place and we take
great pride in serving those who live
here and those who come to visit this
magical island.
Marc and Katie Scortino, Owners Mohegan Café, Captain Nick's and Harbor Grill
My Block Island
"There are day visitors who take the ferry to Block Island
for no other reason than to dine at one of the isle's elegant
restaurants. Perhaps this is because many of the island's
fi ne dining establishments boast views that are every bit as
impressive as the food."
Winfi eld's Restaurant
Pots & Kettles Food Truck
The Narragansett Inn
Southeast Light Delights
Marc, Katie and their dog, Lightning.