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Close To Home, A World Away
In 1994, my wife and I quit corpo-
rate America, sold our house, packed
up everything we had, and moved our
family and ourselves to beautiful Block
Island. With the help of local banks, we
bought The Atlantic Inn, a full service 21-
room inn and restaurant overlooking the
ocean and harbor, and became innkeep-
ers and restaurateurs.
Everyone we knew thought we were
nuts. Buy an Inn and business on a sea-
sonal island twelve miles off the coast
-- what were we thinking? It just didn't
make sense to some.
We had a vision. We loved being to-
gether, working with our hands (painting,
plumbing, tile work, gardens, landscap-
ing, equipment repair -- you name it
-- you will learn it all here) meeting new
people and making new friends. My fam-
ily and I wanted to be able to produce a
simple quality product and service. We
wanted to learn how to live, work and
enjoy what it takes to be here in one
of the most beautiful places you could
possibly fi nd. Maybe we were nuts, but
we worked at it and made it work, made
friends, and learned what it takes to live,
work and play here on Block Island.
The Atlantic Inn and Restaurant 1879
have been here for over 135 years and
learning how to care for, repair, and up-
grade a building and business is not a
seasonal option but a year round labor
of love that requires time, effort, and
patience. You need a willingness to lis-
ten to and learn from people -- some
of whom families have been here since
1661, and they know a few things.
We have learned that as hard as it is
on relationships and the amount of work
you need to do, you also need to make
time to stop and relax -- even if only for
a few minutes and enjoy the beauty of
Block Island, learn the island's secrets
and let it tell you its own unique mes-
sage. Work hard and play hard, enjoy
living and life.
This is very true even if you are visit-
ing our beautiful home for only few days.
Block Island has something for ev-
eryone; beautiful beaches everywhere
you look, majestic bluffs, unparalleled
views, walking and hiking trails for all
and of course fi shing, surfi ng, sailing,
spear fi shing, great shops, art galleries,
great food and sunsets -- just to name
of few of the things that we love and is
available to all. My wife and I love to go
for quick walks to just relax together for
a few minutes, it's therapeutic. Or, bet-
ter yet, sneak away for a walk on our
beautiful beaches, sun or rain, summer
or winter and add to our collection of
sea glass.
To live on Block Island you have to
work a lot and you learn to appreciate
the snippets of alone time you are able
grab. Whether you're an artist, a dream-
er, a pragmatist, a practical minded per-
son, an entrepreneur, an uncomplicated
or complicated person -- there is a lot
to contemplate here. A person will eas-
ily fall in love with Block Island and as
many have found out through the cen-
turies, "Block Island will just get into
your blood and keep calling you back for
We hope you fi nd out what we al-
ready know.
Brad & Anne Marthens, Owners The Atlantic Inn, Restaurant 1879 and Eli's
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