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Close To Home, A World Away
proudly celebrates the 45th anniversary of its
founding. In 1972, when Captain John R. Lewis
and other Island residents founded Block Island
, local land trusts were a little known
idea. Since then, grass-roots local support and local,
state, and national cooperation has resulted in over
46% of Block Island being conserved and protected.
Block Island Conservancy, Block Island Land Trust
and The Nature Conservancy are vital partners and
together with many other organizations and federal
and state agencies sustain Block Island's successes in
Conservation efforts provide recreational areas,
preserve scenic views, support crucial habitats for rare
plants and animals, and protect the natural recharging
of the Island's sole source aquifer, our only fresh
water supply. But there is still much to be done. Land
acquisition becomes more diffi cult as we approach
50% of conserved areas on Block Island. We now need
to focus on sensible actions that help us combine our
tourism-based economy with resource protection
and sustainable practices critical to the heritage and
character that is Block Island.
What can we all do? Activism and personal
responsibility begin at home, at school and in the
community, and are accomplished through education
and real life experiences. Small strategies and actions
add up, and all efforts at conservation do matter. Turn
off lights, use less water, give up those plastic bags,
refi ll your re-usable water bottles, walk more and
drive less, switch to and support the development of
clean fuel sources, defend evidence based science and
conservation- there is no end to this list, and every
action you can think of has merit.
BIC's education
center provides a
hub for conservation
information and Land Trust
accreditation ties us to
credible and documented
decision-making, planning
and practices. The fi ght
for sustainable practices and evidence based decision
making to support the Earth as a whole and our
individual community has never been more important.
Visit our education center on Weldon's Way, donate
your time and/or money to our efforts, and support the
work of all conservation organizations by making real
efforts to carry out sustainable and effi cient practices
in your own life.
Sue Gibbons
Vice President, Block Island Conservancy
Hodge Nature Preserve
The Block Island Wind Farm
Photo by Ross Draper