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Close To Home, A World Away
After growing up in New Jersey and
moving to Las Vegas after school, I
came to Block Island in 1995 in search
of a quieter, simpler life in a beautiful
place. I settled into the community,
married, and while raising three
wonderful children went to work for
the Town, where I've been the Land
Use Administrative Offi cer for the past
twenty-one years.
After fi fteen years, I decided to
expand my horizons beyond Town Hall,
so in 2010, I opened Wild Flowers
Boutique on Water Street, which carries
apparel, shoes, and accessories, and in
2017 will also be featuring local Island
Mist products.
With my fi rst store opening, I quickly
realized that I truly love the retail
business; meeting visitors, fi
quality merchandise, negotiating new
lines, and employing great people. I
love the retail business so much that
in 2016, I opened True North Outfi tters
in the northwest corner of the National
Hotel, featuring outerwear and gear for
outdoor living.
This summer I am opening another
retail store, Savvy Girl, next door to
Ernie's Restaurant. Savvy Girl will
have clothing, jewelry, and fashions for
younger and more budget-conscious
My stores each have a distinct
character and personality, much like the
people of the Block Island community.
It's one of the many reasons I love
Block Island. I love that my kids can
walk to the beach or the movies all
summer. I love that they can walk to
school in the winter. I love that if one
of my dogs gets free, someone will
call me right away and deliver him (or
her) back to me. I love that my oldest
daughter comes home to Block Island
every chance she gets, because she
loves it here too.
I hope that visitors will all enjoy my
stores as much as I have enjoyed
creating and sharing them, and that
they become memorable parts of a
wonderful island experience.
Jennifer Brady, Owner Wild Flowers Boutique, True North and Savvy Girl
My Block Island
My Oyster on Corn Neck Road
Jennifer Brady
Bracelet at Wild Flowers Boutique on Water Street
Watercolors on Dodge Street