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12 Close To Home, A World Away
Clay Head Nature Trail
Rodman's Hollow
12 Close To Home, A World Away

A Natural Beauty
Twenty-eight miles of walking trails, acres of open space, many of the
most beautiful beaches on the eastern seaboard, spectacular havens for
fi sh and wildlife -- it's no wonder Block Island was named one of the last
great places in the western hemisphere by The Nature Conservancy. More
than 46 percent of the island is preserved, and walking is an excellent way
to take in the rolling hills, lush farmland, and stunning vistas. Look for
peregrine falcons and red-tailed hawks in the sky. Ring-necked pheasants
and American woodcocks can be found among the abundant wildfl owers,
and seals perched on beach rocks. Block Island is renowned for its beauty
and commitment to preservation. Once you visit, you'll understand why.