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Vaill Beach
Silas Monje, Senior at the Block Island School
My Block Island
Life on Block Island isn't like life
anywhere else. There are very few
people that can say they've graduated
high school with the same fi ve kids
they started with in kindergarten. Kids
on Block Island grow up learning how
to protect the natural wonder that
is our island home and gain a deep
respect for nature in the process. The
sense of "community" on Block Island
is unmatched by anywhere else in the
world. The people of this town are
always ready to help a fellow islander
in the event of a personal crisis, no
matter what their personal or fi nancial
situation may be.
The town's Fire Department and
Rescue Squad are completely staffed
by volunteers, some of which are
even high school students (myself
included). The volunteers go about
their lives normally every day, working
on the island as carpenters, chefs
or business owners, but will spring
into action at a moment's notice
when someone is in need of help. It's
not rare to see an islander driving a
cab in the morning, an ambulance in
the afternoon and tending bar in the
evening; in fact, it's quite normal.
The students of the Block Island
School are like a big family. We
spend the entire day together in
school, see each other after school at
either soccer, basketball or baseball
practice, and spend our weekends
together watching movies or enjoying
the beautiful beaches and trails the
island has to offer. Kids growing up
here learn the value of a strong sense
of community and charity through
the actions of their parents and
mentors; all of whom contribute to the
community through volunteer-ism or
work. It is truly a magical situation to
grow up in, and I am incredibly proud
to say I am a member of this amazing
Mohegan Bluffs
Dinghy Beach
Silas will be heading to Brown University in the fall.
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