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Close To Home, A World Away
Block Island is more than just home to rare and
endangered plants and animals. It also supports
a vibrant, active human community with a strong
sense of its cultural and natural heritage.
-- The Nature Conservancy
Block Island: Close To Home, A World Away
is produced jointly by the Block Island Tourism
Council and
The Block Island Times.
The Block Island Tourism Council
Center Road, Box 356, Block Island, RI 02807
President Zena Clark
Vice President Steve Filippi
2nd Vice President John Cullen
Secretary Sven Risom
Treasurer Julie Fuller
Members Brad Marthens, Logan Mott Chase
Executive Director Jessica K. Willi
Ocean Avenue, Box 278, Block Island, RI 02807
Phone: (401) 466-2222 Fax: (401) 466-8804
Publisher Michael Schroeder
Editor Kari Curtis
Writers Brent Lang, Judy Tierney, Jessica K. Willi
Photographer K. Curtis
Contributing Photographers
John Gasner,Tom Rosenzweig, Rose Schaller,
Vaux Finnimore, Michael Benson Photography,
Katie Slater Photography, Ralph Gabriner,
B.K. Angeletti Photography
Brittany Adams Photography, Wild Souls Studio
Production John Barry of Macsperts
2016 Block Island Tourism Council &
The Block Island Times
Cover photo by Erin Walsh
Table Of Contents
Block Island Beckons!
Table of Contents
You're Closer
Than You Think!
B.I. Basics
Endless Beaches
A Natural Beauty
Rest, Relaxation,
New England's Boating
and Fishing Paradise
The Goods
Living History
A Room with a View
Good Eats
Favorite Times and
Our Island Community
The Perfect Place for a
Group Tours
The 1661 Inn, Block Island Reservations, Spring House Hotel, The Atlantic Inn,
Ballard Hall Real Estate, Beach Real Estate, Block Island Conservancy,
Block Island Express, Block Island Fishworks, Interstate Navigation, Lila Delman Real Estate,
New England Airlines, Newport Convention & Visitors Bureau, Payne's Harbor View Inn,
Poor People's Pub, Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau, Sullivan Real Estate,
The Surf Hotel, Kimberly's, Green Airport
Crescent Beach
About the Cover Photo: Our cover photo this year was taken by Erin Walsh. Erin, who is from PA, took the photo while on vacation with
her family and posted it to our Facebook wall. We were so taken with the photo we asked to use it. As it turns out, Erin used to live in the
other lighthouse on Block Island, the Southeast Lighthouse. In the mid 60's Erin's Dad was a Light Keeper in the Coast Guard and was
stationed on Block Island. Erin reports that, because of this, Block Island holds a special place in her heart and she tries to get to Block
Island with her family as often as possible. We are glad she does and that she took the time to share her photos with us. Thank you, Erin!
The Block Island Tourism Council is always on the lookout for photography of Block Island for these pages, so feel free to post on our
Facebook Page ( or email us at We look forward to seeing the island
through your eyes.