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Close To Home, A World Away
Kimberly Ward, Owner/Operator Kimberly's and Catering by Kimberly
My Block Island
I fi rst came to Block Island for an
end-of-summer party at Captain Nick's
in 1982. Who could not fall in love with
this island? My husband Norman and
I were married on the island in 1984
at the Champ Starr property, with a
reception to follow at The Manisses.
Norman and (the late) Joan Abrams
planned the whole reception; I did not
have to do one thing!
You may know me from my years
as Manager of Dead Eye Dicks or as
Manager/Owner of the Beachead
Restaurant. I enjoy being in the front of
the house greeting people and making
sure things run smoothly. Norman has
been along for the ride as well, all these
years, but he is behind the scenes.
Kimberly's was established in June
of 2014 in the former home of Harry's
Restaurant. While the restaurant is
relatively new, the people behind it
have been mainstays in the industry,
on Block Island and New England, for
decades. Norman, together with Terry
Smith and Patty Crowley make up the
"Back of the House" managers, and
while you may not see them in person
too often, they are always there, in the
kitchen, sending out creative, delicious
and fresh dishes. Most of my staff
has been with me for years, and are
local island year-round residents. From
waiters to dishwashers, cooks, hosts
and bussers....some go back more
than 30 years with Norman and me.
I love running our business on Block
Island. The people and the wonderful
community are amazing. I am thankful
to be a part of it.
There are day visitors who take the ferry to Block Island
for no other reason than to dine at one of the isle's elegant
restaurants. Perhaps this is because many of the island's
fi ne dining establishments boast views that are every bit as
impressive as the food.
Payne's Donuts in New Harbor
Finn's Seafood Restaurant
Rebecca's Dockside
Surf Hotel porch
Lobster Roll at Ballard's
Southeast Light Delights
Kimberly and Norman Ward