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Close To Home, A World Away
I grew up in the south and loved
vacationing in the Bahamas and the
Caribbean islands. I thought that there
was no other kind of island lifestyle that
could ever appeal to me until 14 years
ago when I took a small New England
Airlines fl ight to Block Island. Immediately
I was in awe of the crisp, clean, ocean air,
the abundance of nature and amazingly
unspoiled beauty everywhere. The tour
I took left me breathless. I really loved
it, and did not want to leave when the
time came.
This infatuation with Block Island
prompted a retirement sale of the
successful fi ne jewelry business I ran for
many years in Westchester, NY. I knew I
wanted my passion for precious metals
and gems to continue on Block Island
so I could spend as much time here as
I opened Golddiggers Jewelers on
Chapel Street. Having a shop fi lled with
unique and classic fi ne jewelry and being
able to do repairs on the premises was a
great idea. We are celebrating 10 years
this summer! It has been the most fun
I have ever had as a gemologist and
This is such a happy place, fi lled with
laughter and people that can't help but
make this their favorite destination.
Everyone that visits the shop becomes
a new friend that I look forward to seeing
every summer.
As for the community, I feel we are
one big family. We look after our island.
We love, support and protect it. So
many fun events throughout the season
insure there is never a dull moment. We
have great fund raisers, celebrations and
food. My husband and I have fi shed all
over the world, and no fi shing compares
to Block Island. Our family looks forward
to more wonderful summers and
memories to reminisce about. We all
love this magical place, and the people
that are drawn to it the best.
I don't think I could enjoy any place
as much as Block Island--it is a real
Ila Manner Schulman, Owner/Operator Golddiggers Jewelers
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