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Close To Home, A World Away
Striper caught off a charter
Fishworks is a local bait shop in New Harbor
The "Cut" at the old Coast Guard station
Fishing charter boats leave daily from Old Harbor
Close To Home, A World Away
Hank Hewitt, Resident Fishing Guru
My Block Island
I love "My Block Island." The island
for me is a truly special place. To say
I am an avid fi sherman is a huge un-
derstatement. I spend countless hours
every year seeking to catch my fi nned
quarry. As a student of the angling arts
I seek profi ciency across a myriad of
fi shing techniques. The uniqueness of
the island provides a multitude of dif-
ferent terrains and water types which
not only challenge my catching ability,
but also provides many opportunities
when wind or weather becomes a vari-
able in the catching equation. Perhaps
it may be argued that the Great Salt
Pond makes the island most unique.
There is no other place along the East-
ern Seaboard which is located, almost
offshore, yet has a saltwater bay, of-
ten called an estuarine environment.
Due to the location of the island in the
ocean, and given the fact it has a nurs-
ery for various fi sh which an estuarine
environment provides, there is a great
variety of species of fi sh to catch. Any
of these species could not be found
near the mainland. One never knows
what they may catch, and quite often,
where there's water on Block Island
there are fi sh to catch.
I could go on with many words to ex-
press what constitutes "My Block Is-
land." Suffi ce it to say that while I came
to Block island to catch fi sh, because
of this Island's location and uniqueness,
Block Island has caught my heart.
Funny how a catcher may become the
caught. I love this place.
Hank with a fresh catch of false albacore.